Oct 20, Tue, LVGEA's Industry Perspectives: Real Estate Panel of regional leaders in real estate, residential and commercial. Virtual. 2 pm.

Oct 20, Tue, Patents & Licensing - Patent Atty Lance Reich Talking Patents/Licensing/Product Development - Patent Attorney Lance Reich. Charcoal Room - Palace Station. 5:45 pm.

Oct 21, Wed, Rebuilding Nevada Nevada Policy Research Institute & National Review Institute on the impact of COVID-19 on Nevada's economy. Virtual. 12 pm.

Oct 21, Wed, Virtual Business After Hours Networking Event Vegas Chamber Virtual Business After Hours networking. 4:30 pm to 6 p.m.

Oct 22, Thu, Jon Porter & John Guedry, Bank of Nevada Recovery & the Path Forward. Former Congressman Jon Porter & John Guedrey, President of Bank of NV. Virtual. 7:30 am.

Oct 22, Thu, Vegas Golden Knights - Kerry Bubolz Asian Chamber. Kerry Bubolz, President of Vegas Golden Knights. Gold Coast. 11:30 am.

Oct 22, Thu, Henderson - State of the Chamber Address Keynotes from HCC Chair, Trish Nash & HCC President/CEO, Scott Muelrath along with other leaders. Virtual. 12 pm.

Oct 22, Thu, Social Meeting Training -YouTube Nicole Yniguez is a Social Media Consultant & You Tuber/Owner for almost 10 years with over 8 million views. Founder/Owner of 411mommas, a worldwide community for moms. Noon.
Oct 22, Thu, So Nev Homebuilders' Silver Nugget Awards More than 40 awards will be presented to home builders, interior designers, marketing directors, and sales directors. In addition, the Grand Awards will be Home of the Year, Sales Leader of the Year, Construction Superintendent of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement award. Virtual. 3:30 pm networking. 4 pm Awards.
Oct 22, Thu
, Presidential Debate Location: Belmont University in Nashville. Time: 9-10:30 pm EST Eastern (6 pm PST).
Oct 22, Thu, Unite for Heroism - In-Person or Virtual Metropolitan Police Foundation. An In-Person & Virtual Celebration Featuring a Special Screening of Lifesaving Moments and a Celebrity Conversation moderated by Nina Radetich. This event replaces the 2020 Sheriff Salutes the Best of the Badge Gala. 6 pm. Wynn Hotel.

Oct 24, Sat, Navigating Ethical Dilemmas
The importance of ethics in accounting organizations by examining ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Virtual. 8 am.

Oct 27, Tue, Rapid Reinvention: 7 Philosophies Author Tiger Todd will highlight the 7 philosophies for reinventing your life to reignite purpose, reactivate latent superpowers & launch your Hero’s Journey. Lawry's. 11:30 am.

Oct 27, Tue, Linkedin Training Ms. Britinnay Lenhart has over 18,000+ Followers on LinkedIn with an average of 200-300+ Executives engaging with her DAILY! Check it out for yourself: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittinay. 12 pm.
October 30, Fri, Nevada Day

November 1, Sun, Daylight Savings
November 3, Tue, Election Day
Nov 6, Fri,
NAIOP Annual Bus Tour 2 1/2 hour virtual bus tour on the current state of commercial real estate in Las Vegas including two panels of local and national market experts. Virtual. 8 am to 10:30 am.

Nov 10, Tue, Chuck Muth, Conservative Activist Chuck Muth is President of Citizen Outreach.com, a conservative grassroots advocacy group. Chuck is a former executive director of the American Conservative Union, a former National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Ahern Hotel. 11 am.
November 11, Wed, Veterans Day

November 26, Thu, Thanksgiving

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Oct 28, Wed, Can Therapeutic Angiogenesis Extend Your life an Additional 30 Quality Years?
Dr. Jack Jacobs. Learn in this webinar how Zhittya's drug could defer death by potentially treating diseases that are responsible for more than 50% of all adult deaths worldwide. In addition, new findings will be discussed on how FGF-1 can heal blood vessels deteriorating from "endothelial cell dysfunction" which has the potential to add 20-30 years of quality years to one's life.
Virtual. 9 am.

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Oct 28, Wed, Who Needs Mining, and Who Does Mining Need? Insights into How Mining Supports Modern Life and How Economic Geology Research Can Help the Mining Industry. Dr. Simon Jowitt, UNLV Department of Geoscience. 12 pm.

Oct 29, Thu, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Dr. Jack Jacobs. This webinar will explore how therapeutic angiogenesis may be a potentially novel way to halt the progression of this disease by exploring multiple lines of evidence that have established that angiogenesis is deficient in this disease, leading directly to the death of motor neurons. Virtual. 9 am.

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Nov 23, Mon, Multiple Sclerosis. Vika Montano. In this webinar, a new vascular cause for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will be explored and how potentially therapeutic angiogenesis could reverse the progression of this disease. Three to four women have MS for every man with the condition. The distribution of MS around the world dramatically increases as you travel further north or south from the equator. Virtual. 9 am.

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